Great Caesar's Ghost: The Project
What better opportunity existed to study the paranormal than through Shakespeare?  Some of his most popular plays utilize ghostly figures to move the plot while adding an air of psychological nuance.  This is certainly natural as issues of the Elizabethan Era are reflected through his writings.  These include economic crises, plague, shifting political leadership, and shifting religious ideologies.   The specters that haunt his stage reflect the microcosm of the man to the macrocosm of the universe.  Ghosts are not simply random elements in his plays but serve to represent some issue of shifting societal importance.

​This website focuses on Shakespeare's ghosts primarily through the depiction found in Julius Caesar.  It is intended for public use and as a teaching component for my Humanities classes.  For the purpose of this topic I have included a variety of data comprised from research for a graduate class of Shakespearean studies.  Additional research and background information has been added to make this a more comprehensive site. Sections listed include background information, general characteristics of Shakespeare's ghosts, and comparison pages utilizing the spectral from Macbeth, Richard III, and Hamlet.  

Please observe the navigation menu to the left of this introduction; viewers may access all of the pages listed, though each individual page is linked only to this one. Different levels of interaction from videos to web polls may be found throughout these pages.  

Enjoy and please leave feedback on the guestbook on the "What do you think?" link.  Happy haunting!